Convert Your Failure into Immortal Success

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We all experience ups and downs, high lows, every day. It is none of the surprises that achievement gives you motivation and all the appreciation which you receive from all over, then serves as the mean for you to achieve more and more. But do you know that appreciation can also serve as a low blow, causing you to get lazy by just believing that you’re smart enough to handle it?

Well, it does, appreciation also serves as the negative regulator of motivation but do you know what can and does serve as the best mean of motivation?

Source: Epic Life Vibes

Let me break your anticipation and tell you that it’s failure. Now, I know that most of you are probably thinking that how come failure serves as a motivator when it is highly paired with giving up. The thing is that you got to take into account the trade-off. Indeed, a failure does cause many people to lose just because they start thinking that they aren’t good enough and let me tell you the reality of this world is much more than what we anticipate and think.

And if you do escape it, then you’ll find yourself in a huge oceans in which you’ll be drowning and will have the will to give up but you know, if the motivation you received from your previous failure, it will give you strength and the ability to not hold but escape it, in a way that the world will then get to know.

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