The Success Mantra - Here's How You Can Become Your Boss's "Aankhon Ka Taara"

The Success Mantra – Here’s How You Can Become Your Boss’s “Aankhon Ka Taara”

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One of the biggest relationship problems in the professional world is to have good relations with your boss. Majority of the people whom you meet in your daily lives are complaining about the behavior of their bosses and how they treat them. They complain that their bosses do not appreciate their efforts and overburden them with work.

Some also tell that their bosses are not capable for which they are incumbent. On the other hand, there are few who seem to be progressing in their professional lives quite fast and known to be the apple of boss’s eyes. There are people who working in some organization for quite long but not getting promotions and increments while there are few who progress in their careers at a very fast pace.

What is the thing that differentiates these two types of employees? Why that loyalty with an organization is not rewarded? Why is it that despite all our efforts our boss never appreciates us? Why is it that a newbie tends to be important in our organization than us? And why is that we never feel happy about our job and our organization.

Source: The Economic Times

The answers might be much simple than the complexity of this problem. Every organization and every boss looks for someone who can own their problem and works or at least try to solve them even if they do not fall in his domain rather than constant nagging about it. This is the first habit out of the seven habits explained by Stephen.R.Covey in his all times best seller “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. He calls this habit as being proactive. Rather than complaining about all the things that are happening around us, we should try to expand our circle of influence.

So what is it like expanding the circle of influence? Expanding the circle of influence means trying to solve the problem like trying to clean your environment rather than complaining about pollution, trying to follow traffic rules rather than complaining about lawlessness in country, trying to educate the unprivileged rather than complaining about illiteracy, trying to educate about good things to people who come under your influence and in this way expanding the circle of those good practices and ultimately expanding your circle of influence.

Source: The Economic Times

The same goes with the professional world. Try to solve the problems of your boss or bosses and he/they will certainly value you. Voluntarily help him/her in completing some report he/she is unable to complete, Offer him/her your assistance in meeting project deadlines, in finding some quotations or with customer negotiations. Make sure once he/she explains you the task you note each and every minor detail about the work and seek minimum assistance from him/her in that task because they suppose you to finish a job once it is assigned to you.

Try to complete a task that is assigned to you with perfection leaving no space for objections. Try to make yourself an important asset of your organization and an important team member of your boss and they will certainly value you. Make sure you don’t need to ask your boss for a promotion but your work compels him to do so.

Also, there are a few things that come inbuilt with people like some people are good at heart but they shout a lot or speak loudly while working. Some people are short tempered but value your services at the end of the day. Try to look over these things if your boss has any such traits and focus on your goals which must be quite big compared to these things.

Don’t let anyone be the reason for your unhappiness. We hope that these things will certainly help you in career and while you are striving with your career remember the saying “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts”

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