Chahat Fateh Ali Khan Faces Criticism Over Flirting with Mehwish Hayat

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan Faces Criticism Over Flirting with Mehwish Hayat

On social media, a funny yet attention-grabbing video is circulating featuring Chahat Ali Khan flirting with Pakistani star Mehwish Hayat during the IPPA awards ceremony, while our showbiz star probably seemed a little shy after listening to the singer’s interesting but ‘annoying’ dedications.

A shared video crackles up the netizens, showing famous Pakistani stars like Ahmed Ali Butt, Ahsan Khan, and Mehwish Hayat standing on stage while Ahmed Ali Butt requests Chahat Fateh Ali Khan to perform his rendition as quickly as possible due to time constraints.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan flirts with Mewhish Hayat

The video he recorded at the IPPA award is circulating on social media. When Chahat was invited on stage for the performance, he began flirting with Mehwish Hayat. In addition, he claimed that Mehwish Hayat blushed during his performance.

Chaht Fateh Ali Khan’s extremely funny gesture towards Mehwish Hayat has undoubtedly made the whole experience extremely hilarious, especially since the viral singer takes full advantage of the moment to dedicate his song directly to Mehwish Hayat.

In response to Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s crazy performance on the stage, fans are trolling him on social media. He was also criticized for being invited to Pakistani award shows. Funny comments were passed by a few fans. Praising the level of confidence. Harsh comments as well.

The viral sensational artist, whose real name is Kashif Rana, also posted his most-awaited anthem for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, which reunited the whole cricket world with his creativity.

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