Career Selection – The Pressures One Faces As Young As At The Age Of 14

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The world sets some standards for us, basically, the society does. From the very beginning, we try to live up to those expectations. One has to face challenges in the very phase of life but there is a difference between the actual challenges of life and those set by the society.

At the age of 14 people start questioning you about your career planning. Are those people kidding me or themselves, do they really think a 14-year-old can make such overwhelming, life-changing decisions? Many of the fresh minds satisfy those questions by quoting honorable professions such as medical, engineering and a few more. While some who haven’t put a thought on this topic just feed lies, to themselves as well as to people around them.

Source: NSW Department of Education

My question is why do people expect us to have proper mindset at this age? Why do they want us to choose our entire life based on some teen years choices? How can they expect us to be so mature? What if some us don’t want to be a specific someone?

What if we want to cross the barriers, break the stereotypes and try something new. What if we want to recognize ourselves, to test our abilities, to satisfy our passion.

Source: Career of the Day

In my opinion, if you are passionate and ambitious you can achieve success in anything you step your feet into.

The problem with our society is that although we have groomed and became more civilized but we haven’t left our traditional thinking yet. The truth is that even if our people have become more educated and well aware but they still have that old touch within them and they still don’t understand the importance for us to select the right career which not only benefits us financially but also satisfies our inner thirst.

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