Cpt. Gulsher Reunites With The Same Waiter After 15 Yrs Of That Epic Alpha Bravo Charlie Scene & We Love It!

The shows of the 90s were one of the best streaks Pakistan had in drama and serial. The simple story-lines, family-friendly content and homey themes definitely struck a chord with every Pakistani as they could relate to those characters. One such drama of those gone golden days that to date has been entertaining generations after generations is Alpha Bravo Charlie. 

This show does not need an introduction but in case someone is unaware of its beautiful story-line, then it revolves around three Pakistani army men Faraz, Kashif and Gulsher, their life, their friendship and the problems they face. Although it is based on army men and is produced by ISPR and directed by Shoaib Mansoor, the drama depicts the lives of common men.

There’s a very famous scene where Capt. Gulsher takes his sweetheart Shahnaz to dinner at a restaurant of her choice that turns out to be quite expensive and things take an embarrassing turn. The entire clip involves a waiter as well to whom Gulsher requests to deny the availability of expensive items if Shahnaz orders.

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Fast Forward To Now, The Same Waiter And Gulsher Have A Suprise Reunion. But Before That, Let’s Watch The Famous Clip From That Restaurant Scene!

They start off with some Pashto and later M. Qasim Khan announces with happiness that they finally meet after 15 years and reminisce how he had to teach him Pashto which wasn’t an easy task.

People Are Overjoyed At This Reunion And Declare How They Had The Best Childhood Watching ABC!

Requests started to pour in for a remake with the same cast. Even if that were to take place, entire Pakistan including the younger generation will be hooked to their screens. The drama held a special charm that only the same cast can bring into the remake.

Beautiful yet funny scene with a graceful ending. You did good Capt. Gulsher!

He did what he could after being embarrassed by the iron lady. Better to receive a handwritten letter than a text, right? Ah, old days where people made the effort to write letters.

Safe to say this scene has become historic. Great laughs, great cast and amazing dialogues with an exceptional story. Truly, Alpha Bravo Charlie was and is one of the best shows of all time.


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