This Lover From Punjab Dressed As A Girl To Meet His Girlfriend & Ishq Ke Dushman Beech Mein Agaye!

Getting on the love track isn’t easy in Pakistan as the cultural boundaries barricade people from getting into that zone. But when someone does fall on the romantic side, the unforeseen adventurous tantrums that life throws aren’t easy to dodge. To play it safe, some Pakistanis opt for some unusual ways for the sake of their true love but sometimes the universe doesn’t seem to like them much.

A Lover from Rahim Yar Khan turned into a woman for love’s sake!

A hilariously sad incident recently took place in Punjab’s Rahim Yar Khan area and the internet is bursting with laughter. Heard that phrase “ye pyaar nahin asaan bus itna samajh lijiye, aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jana hai”? Well, it seems the case here as a guy from Liaquatpur, Rahim Yar Khan became a woman in disguise to meet his lover but some uninvited guests ruined everything.

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A Twitter user posted pictures of the lover who dressed as a woman so that he can meet his girlfriend with ease. According to the tweet, the guy was caught by the local police when he was on his way to his girlfriend’s place. Later he was arrested and taken into police custody for attempting to double-cross the police by his deceiving appearance.

Here’s the tweet which managed to catch a lot of eyes but all in favor of the guy!

Well, as soon as the post went viral, people’s hysterical responses added the major portion of fun to it. Many were also seen in the guy’s favor for doing such efforts for his girlfriend and ending up in the lockup.

“Saieen thora aashiq per reham karain please kisi ka dil na dukhain”!
Na kro!

“Chehray per masoomiyat hai. Jurm itna bara nahin kiya, agar ye do tarfa ikdaam hai tou isko is baar riayat milni chahiye”!
Baat to sahi hai!

“Ye ishq nahin asaan bas itna samajh lijiye, Liaquatpur ka ilaqa hai aur burqa pehan k jana hai”!
Ye best hai!

“Iska naam Aashiq hai ya ye larki aashiq hai?”
Koi uncle ki pareshani kam kro!

“Aziyat, musibat, malamat, balayein, teray ishq main hum ne kiya kiya nai dekha”!
Khwaja Mir Dard to the rescue!

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Pakistanis are on the guy’s side as the guts he showcased isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Hopefully, the guy won’t repeat the same mistake again after getting schooled by the men in uniform.

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