WATCH: This ‘Gora’ Came To Pakistan 10 Years Ago And Fell In Love With The Soil Of Sindh

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A good deed goes a long way and this Britisher from Wales has proven that. From what we have read in the post, it is clear that this Britisher from Wales who allegedly came as a tourist soon became a teacher with the intention to teach the people he received utmost love from.

The following post reads, “This young Britisher (Steve) from Wales, UK, has been teaching kids in a remote rural School of Sindh for the last eight years. Look at his humility, commitment to education, and command of Sindhi Language.

“I came here as a tourist, people gave me love and respect, now I want to reciprocate.”
(Naz High School Kot Diji, Khairpur)”

Humility and dedication

Once you watch the video, you observe the teacher’s humility, his dedication to teach these students of the community he received love from. It is such a rare sight to have a person from abroad care about our people more than our people care about themselves.

Steve came to a small village of Sindh 10 years ago and never went back. Since then he has been teaching English to locals students. He speaks the Sindhi language very well now.

Some people in the comments section of this video are highly in praise of his command over the Sindhi language. Indeed, it shows his dedication to Sindhi culture and love for the community that intrigued him to stay there for 10 years.

His other whereabouts

It is just inspiring to see him working so much for the people in Sindh. In an interview with Independent Urdu, he said, “I’m also the principal in this school. And I have 27 students. I can still recall when I came in 2011, it was Eid holidays when a student invited me for lunch. I went there and so many people were already there, speaking Sindhi with each other. I couldn’t understand a word and that’s when I promised myself I will learn Sindhi.”

He makes wooden furniture to be used by the students in school, other than teaching them. He fixes broken furniture. He also talks about his intention, back in the days when he came, to only stay for a few months but now, as he says, it has been 10 years since he’s there and he still doesn’t want to go back.

We have heard stories from many tourists who came to visit Pakistan but then decided to stay back. Whether it is the food that lures them in, or the culture/people. Somehow, they decide to stay back and break the misconception about Pakistan being the country of terrorist activities. There’s just so much to learn when one lands in Pakistan. Some of those things were learned by this Britisher from the United Kingdom who eventually decided to stay back.

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