Eva Zu Beck Says Pakistan Can Be Number One Tourist Destination!

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Eva Zu Beck, the polish travel vlogger, and content creator is no stranger to Pakistanis. She is among the few top travels and food vloggers on YouTube including Mark Wiens, Rosie Gabrielle, and Alex Reynolds, who visited Pakistan.

However, Eva chose to stay in the country the longest; 10 months to be precise. She is clearly smitten by the people, the breathtaking landscapes and the diverse culture. She made videos telling compelling stories of all her adventures in Pakistan.

Eva Zu Beck

Via Instagram/EvaZuBeck

Eva Zu Beck thinks Pakistan has the potential to become World’s number one tourist destination.

She was invited to a tourism conference to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan. There she presented her impression of the country from a foreigner’s perspective to the premier. Furthermore, Eva continued on sharing that Pakistan could become the top tourist destination around the globe.

Eva clearly spoke from the extensive experience she had in the country. Her statement at the conference clearly held a lot of weight as she has traveled to 60 countries including places less visited, like exploring Aleppo, Syria alone as a woman.

Forbes took notice of her statement declaring Pakistan as the hottest new tourist destination.

She took on solo trips around Pakistan and even appeared in one of the local channels. Moreover, she stayed with a local family dwelling in the infamous Taliban Territory, traveled in Karachi alone and trekked to the base camp of the world’s second-tallest mountain. Fearless with a wild spirit is how one can describe Eva.

Her adventurous streak caught the eye of Forbes Magazine. They were curious to know more about her bold statement.  Eva had declared Pakistan as a top travel destination.

Pakistan #1 Tourist Destination

Via Instagram/Eva Zu Beck

She told Forbes how one of her good friends who lives in Islamabad asked her to visit the city and meet her. Furthermore, Eva shared how she was never asked to promote Pakistan or show the best travel destinations. However, as this is what she does, which is to create videos of the places she travels to.

Clearly, her visit helped her discover the beauty that lies in the country mostly stained by the words that paint a dark picture of Pakistan. But, also through her lens, the world witnessed the glorious beauty of the Pakistani people and the land. She even declared her favorite city to be Karachi in one of her Instagram posts and that definitely broke the hearts of all non-Karachites.

Moreover, Eva’s visit to Pakistan and all the great experiences she has shared in the form of videos solidifies Imran Khan’s vision. Pakistan has the potential to give foreigners a positive experience they will keep with themselves for a long time.

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