Deadly Blue Whale Game Is Becoming A Nuisance Worldwide

Deadly Blue Whale Game Is Becoming A Nuisance Worldwide

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The “Blue Whale game” is a reality. Game creator is in jail for 3 years. Still, he gets love letters from players. It’s a trap. The person who developed this game was a psychopath who was tortured by his mother and brother in his childhood. He quit his degree and started studying ‘Psychology.’

He said, “I created this game to remove biological waste from earth, people who are playing this game are afraid and useless minds and they are a biological waste for me.” In this game, the admin may ask the player to cut his limb with a blade in a certain direction. This self-tortured act will be done for 50 times for straight 50 days and each day, it will help to build a shape on your wrist. At end of the 50th day, there will be whale printed on the arm.

The game admin will ask players to meet other players (this is very very dangerous, as at the end of this note you will know why). In the other task, players are asked to poke themselves with needles on part of body for several times. They are also asked to wake up at midnight and watch horror movies sent by game admin.

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Next step will be to go to a higher place like top roof at midnight and stay for specific time period. Now players will be asked to move further upwards and go to a more higher place, like a tower or a high building and stay on the edge. This practice needs to be done on a specific time, more often after 12 am.

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This game provides with a special track list for its players. It is also part of a task to listen to this music at 4:20 am. That particular music works on negative emotions of the human brain and helps to activate the stimuli that work towards negativity and hatred about life. Music task starts from day 31 to day 49 continuously.

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During all this, the player is sending video, audio and photographic as proof, to game admins, who is connected with him via skype or any other video calling app. At the end of the game even if the game admin asks the player to commit suicide. By this time, from all these challenges, the player himself wants to die due to these psycho treatments with him for 49 days.

DON’T even dare to start this game for a normal check. Game admins who are Russians (3 of them are arrested but rest are hiding in many other countries).

ALL admins are World-class HACKERS.

When a person starts this game they immediately hack his info, email, photos, videos, contacts and MORE dangerous, ‘location details.’ If a person will quit this game in middle they start blackmailing them. The admin threats to harm family and friends through any other psychopath player near that person.


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