Pakistanis Wish India ‘Sweet Dreams’ After BJP Leader Says ‘Karachi Will Be Part Of India One Day’

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Former Indian Chief Minister and Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Devendra Fadnavis on Saturday said that Karachi will be a part of India one day. The comments come amid an ongoing back and forth after a Shiv Sena leader Nitin Madhukar Nandgaonkar threatened the owner of a sweet shop in Bandra ‘Karachi Sweets’ to change its name.

Last week, Hindu extremist party Shiv Sena leader was in the news for demanding that Mumbai’s famous confectioner ‘Karachi Sweets’ change the name of their shop. Within no time, the video went viral.

In fact, they threatened the owner of a sweet shop in Bandra by the name of Karachi Sweets to change its name as it coincides with a city in Pakistan.

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A video surfaced on social media in which the Indian politician was seen telling the owner of the sweet shop how he hates the name because of its association with Pakistan.

The owner then tried to explain to him that the name was given by his ancestors because they had come from Karachi after the partition. However, to this, the Sena leader argued that he can name his shop after anything, his ancestors or himself but not Karachi.

He literally demanded 60-year-old confectioners to change its name to something in Marathi. The reason merely being that he hates Pakistan and cannot tolerate anything remotely Pakistani in ‘his Mumbai’.

Watch the video here

His comments have now spurred India’s ex-chief minister Devendra Fadnavis to say the same. So much outroar, just over a shop’s name.

“We believe in ‘Akhand Bharat’. We also believe that Karachi will be a part of India one day,” he said.

In addition to this, the video of the occurrence went viral as the Internet called out the ridiculous prejudice. Another Sena leader then decided to step in to control the damage.

However, according to Indian media, the shop owners have masked the store’s original signboard. Probably due to the statistics surrounding lynch mobs who target Muslims in India through the BJP government. Perhaps, they are just trying to be careful.

What is it with BJP politicians and their obsession with Karachi anyway? Yet another empty boast coming from a typical right-wing Indian politician. 

Earlier, the Indian media abuzz with the made-up rumors of a ‘civil war’ going on in Karachi. Moreover, discrimination against Muslims and Pakistani’s in India has increased to a great extent under the rule of Modi-led BJP over the past few years. The party is full of ministers who do not even consider Muslims as their citizens.

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