"Aunty Pakistan" Causing Social Media Uproar

‘Aunty Pakistan’ Causing Social Media Uproar

Addressing social issues with sarcasm that too at it’s best, our new favorite: Aunty Pakistan.

1.  Betay larki say baat karay toh mom says “Hero, Kon hai woh?”, Beti larkay say baat karay toh “Kamini naam bata uska” #PakistaniWomenProblems

— Aunty Pakistan (@AuntyPakistan) September 1, 2015


2. Next time a maulvi sb teaches you about “Parday ki fazeelat” ask him to give a sermon on “mardon ki zalalat” first. Educate the abusers! — Aunty Pakistan (@AuntyPakistan) September 2, 2015


3. A secure proud Pakistani man couldnt take no for an answer. So he tried to ‘seduce’ me with a bottle of Acid. Thank u Parliament for caring — Aunty Pakistan (@AuntyPakistan) September 2, 2015


4. Ye hum gunahgaar auratein hein Jo ahl-e jabba ki tamkinat se Na rob khayein Na jaan bechein Na sar jhukayein Na hath jodein – Payari Kishwar — Aunty Pakistan (@AuntyPakistan) September 2, 2015



6.Ghulam zehniat kay mard Aurat ko paaon ki jooti samajhtay hain aur badshah mard Aurat ko apnay sir ka Taj. App kon hain? #InferiorityComplex — Aunty Pakistan (@AuntyPakistan) September 1, 2015


7. Dear Ashraf Chaudhary, every time u call a woman a Slut, I feel like kicking u between ur legs but main Na Mehram ko touch nahi kerti. — Aunty Pakistan (@AuntyPakistan) September 1, 2015


8. Pakistani Culture: Woman cant dance on screen in short clothes. They can only dance in Drawinging rooms, farm houses, Hamza’s mind, weddings

— Aunty Pakistan (@AuntyPakistan) September 1, 2015


9. #PakistaniWomenProblems First wear sleeveless Kurta made my Junaid Jamshed then get judged for wearing sleeveless Kurta by Junaid Jamshed

— Aunty Pakistan (@AuntyPakistan) September 1, 2015



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