Teenage Afghan Refugee In K-P Makes Pakistan Proud – Secures Highest Position In Matric Exams

afghan fruit seller son matric

The proverb ‘hard work pays off’ is something that we are all quite aware of. Especially, when it comes to the inspiring tales of so many people that we get to hear once in a while. The same is the story of a young boy who secured one of the top positions in the matric exam despite the poverty-stricken situation he lives in.

Young Mahboob is an Afghan refugee who resides with his family in Mardan. The young boy managed to secure one of the top positions in the Mardan Board of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P).

The inspiring aspect of this tale is that Mehboob’s father is a fruit seller. Despite the poor conditions, and poverty-stricken lifestyle that Mehboob and his family members used to live in.

afghan fruit seller son matric

Source: Twitter

The little boy managed to work day and night to achieve his goals. This also makes us realize that Pakistan indeed comprises of hardworking and talented individuals who deserve to be recognized for their hard work. A little while back, we were amazed to see a LUMS student setting a new GRE record.

It is truly amazing to see that hard work and dedication can allow a person to go to places, one might not be able to dream of.

There are countless examples for us to learn from. And allow our own self to grow and tackle those situations. Mehboob’s story teaches us that defying the odds and limitations is a way of succeeding.

Apart from this, it does seem that the year 2020 is all about prizes and record winning performances for Pakistan. Even young children are making us proud. For instance, take the young Pakistani girl who left everybody shunned as she beats an Indian professor in Chemistry.

In the end, we again congratulate Mehboob and hope that he succeeds and is able to fulfill all his dreams. We also pray and hope that he gets the chance to explore and develop his career so that he can make us proud again.


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