Bravo! Pakistani Student Saad Amer Sets A New International GRE Record

pakistani student gre record

Congratulatory greetings are truly in order! A smart and young student of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) just set a new International record and we are so proud! This brilliant Pakistani student, Saad Amer is known to have a long GRE record of best sportsmanship, throughout his four years of education and has been an active participant in different sports related programs.

In addition, this young student is making Pakistan proud of his determination and hard work. He mentions that it wasn’t an easy road, in fact, there were many hurdles on the way.

pakistan lums student record

Source: Twitter

According to him, “It requires a lot of hard work, it wasn’t something that can be done overnight; a major difficulty I faced, was how people would guide me in the completely opposite direction. I wonder why? I still don’t know if they did it deliberately or unconsciously, but it was a major difficulty I faced”.

During his interview on a local news channel, Amer discussed how he prepared for the exam.

“I felt confused all the contrasting statements and guidelines, which is why in the end, I took assistance from YouTube. YouTube tutorials and videos are a great help. They have every guideline, every resource needed. Since GRE exams require a lot of books to refer to YouTube became my safe haven, while I prepared for my GRE exam.” said Amer.

Amer is hopeful that Minister Education Dr. Shafqat Mehmood contacts him soon. He hopes since Prime Minister Imran Khan is a big supporter of the youth and has always provided a lot of benefits and schemes for them, it would be a great opportunity for Amer to take part in this opportunity to serve back to his country.

Above all, the Pakistani student Amer is proud of his achievement setting the GRE record and wishes to serve his country Pakistan in one way or another. Wow! His love for Pakistan is truly admirable.

Maleeha Lodhi congratulates Saad Amer on Twitter

Just now, former UN Ambassador of Pakistan, Maleeha Lodhi took to Twitter to congratulate this smart Pakistani student for setting up a GRE record. And to also tell him to never give and keep moving forward.

Many Pakistanis are applauding him for his immaculate achievement and praising him for his hard work also!

Many people are also wishing him all the very best for his future endeavors, where they are hopeful that he makes Pakistanis proud all over again.

In the end, we would like to congratulate this brilliant Pakistani student for his GRE record and wish him the best of luck for his future. It is truly remarkable to see how Pakistani youth is making us all proud. For instance, just a few days back, we were applauding the young footballer Abiha Haider for getting into the Top 30 women internationally.

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