A Great Initiative By The Health Department Of KPK

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Eid is all about spreading happiness and helping others in every possible way. Be it some kind of financial aid for the poor, or sending sweets and gifts to our loved ones, Muslims try to make others smile on Eid. We all read posts circulating on social media focusing on the flaws of the federal or any provincial government so shouldn’t we appreciate them if they are doing something really good?

There are a lot of people who travel to the Northern areas in their vacations, and if it’s Eid, you can imagine the number of people visiting Galyat. These tourists sometimes get sick or injured due to a lot of rush or sometimes, as a result of an accident too. It’s hard to seek medical aid on Eid since doctors also are on vacations and usually, there aren’t many hospitals or health care centers in these areas.

This Eid, the health department of KPK took a great initiative and for the first time in history, provided free health services to the tourists for three days. The DHO canceled the Eid vacations of the department and strengthened all the hospitals of Galyat making them work in three shifts. Nathiagali and Khairagali were provided with additional doctors as well.

The DHO was there, looking after all this himself. BHU Harno was converted into 24 hours care center for three days of Eid. Besides that, seven medical aid points were created starting from Harno to Barain. Nathiagali, Barain, Doonga Gali area, Tauheedabad, Changla Gali were provided with emergency medicine and ambulances. Also, Rescue 1122 was there at Nathia Gali.

They had displayed banners at different points so any tourist who needs help can reach out to them easily. This was the first time in history that a huge activity of rescue and relief was conducted at this level. According to the health department, KPK, more than 600 tourists got medical help and first aid.

We truly appreciate this step taken by the health department of KPK. Let’s be thankful to all the doctors and workers who missed their Eid celebrations and spent this occasion treating people who went there to enjoy their Eid. We also hope that they continue to arrange such activities in the future as well and set an example of dedication and hard work for others.

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