9 Perks Of Visiting Your Grandparents’ Home

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There is no one other than your grandparents who can love you more than your parents do. If your grandparents are still alive, you are lucky enough. It’s one of this lifes’ greatest blessings. It’s such a special thing to have the privilege of growing up with them nearby, being a part of your whole life.

You surely visit your grandparents’ home every weekend. Here are 9 things that might happen to you, when you visit your nani’s house:

1. You are treated like a kid by them. They give you unconditional love


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2. We always seem ‘kamzor’ to our grandma, so she tries to make you eat as much as you can. Also, you get your favorite meals there


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You are going to ruin my diet plan, nani.

3. You immediately get what you wish for. Your grandmother plays a genie in this case.


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 ‘Seems like I am in heaven.’ 

4.When your grandmother starts telling you her childhood stories like your parents do…’pata hai jab hum chotey they tou..’


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5. It’s fun when you have one ‘choti khala’ with who you can enjoy late night gossips with.


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6. Your nani makes you rich. The amount of money your grandma gives you makes you feel better.


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You be like ‘dil tou chahta h k apse roz milney aaun..’

7. Your grandmother is the only one to save you from your mom’s‘chittar’.


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‘Nani ab tk main apki wajah se hi zinda hun. ‘

8. Grandparents are the ones who deal with your tantrums. They say yes when your parents say no.


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9. What actually happens when you go back home.


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‘I have lived my life.’

Overall, you never get bored at your grandmothers’ home.  So spend as much time with them as you can because when they are gone­, you will never get this time back. 

Much love to all the nani’s out there.


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