7 Things People Born On 29th Feb Are Tired Of Hearing

If you’re born on 29th of February, most of your life has revolved around  being centered to leap year jokes and questions like when exactly do you celebrate your birthday, ruin your excitement for the special day each year.

But 2016 is your year to celebrate! While you’re at it, the rest of us can continue annoying you even more since you’re the reason we have to work an extra day this year 🙁

Here are more ways to tease the leap born on their birthday;

1. What date do people call you for your birthday, 28th or 1st?

No, seriously! Even Facebook can’t decide. We’re curious!


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2. You were born on 29th Feb 1992? So you’re basically 6 years old.

Are you kidding me? All these year’s I’ve spent on earth don’t count for sh*t?!


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3. So practically you won’t be 18 till you’re 72 years old…

Wait what? But I’ve turned legal already!! This is getting on my nerves now.


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4. What do they call you leap born kids? The Leapling?

Yeah just like how the nurse declared ”its a leapling” instead of a girl or boy when I was born.


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5. Are you a person or US elections? Your turn comes once in every 4 years!

That hit me hard. Really hard!


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 6. How does it feel when people finally acknowledge you exist, after years?

It feels great. It feels like I can punch your sarcastic face right into the next leap year.


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7. How many cakes will you cut this year?

*pulling my hair*


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Okay okay, stopped. Have a great birthday, after all it wont be coming for another 4 years…literally.


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