10 Things All Lazy People Will Be Able To Relate To!

If you’re suffering from this fatal (and fatal because it might just get you killed someday) disease referred to as procrastination, you will be able to relate to these:

1. Making people understand that it’s not a choice. It HAPPENS to you



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2. So much so that challenging tasks like, getting out of bed, are impossible


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3. When someone makes a plan, you just think about the effort you’ll have to put in to get ready and reach the venue

And because you’re just too lazy to think of an excuse, this happens:


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4. People have tried telling you that you can’t possibly survive in isolation

Is that a challenge?


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5. You’ve given up trying to arrive on time

giphy (2)


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6. Once upon a time, you tried maintaining to-do lists…



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7. If you happen to drop something, it’s going to stay there


Till your mother shows up and starts yelling her lungs out.

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8. You’ve fought major wars with your siblings because they refuse to help you;

giphy (1)

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9. The absence of motivation to get things done has a perpetual presence around you


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10. Movies and TV shows have become your best friends


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Who needs people when you have inanimate drama-free company? Also, you don’t have to talk to TV and you’re, well, lazy.

Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

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