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6 Lessons To Learn From Aamir Khan And Faryal Makhdoom’s Relationship

Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom’s relationship came to a nasty end. No matter whatever the situation has been, the two should not have chosen Twitter to publicly bash each other on Twitter and end it with series of character assassinations. With all this, here are six lessons that the young lad should learn and save their future relationships:

1. Respect each other’s, families:

Source: The Sun

Amir and Faryal’s relationship teaches us how important it is to respect and accept each other’s family. If one tries to detach their partners from their families, they end up destroying their relationship too. A happy family is not one with a wife, a husband and a child. Instead, it is one where both the families from bride and groom mingle well.

2. Stay loyal to each other:

Source: The Sun

Amir recently ended up in a controversy for having intimate acts on Skype with the model. His wife stood beside her when the tape was released, bringing shame and disgust to his name. The issue doesn’t end here as Amir himself revealed there are more tapes to which he can be blackmailed. Right after the divorce, he claimed and mentioned screenshots of his wife being involved with other men.

No matter how broad-minded one is, they can certainly not bear sharing their partners or their linkups with other men/women. Relationships should be built on trust and respect and anyone who can harm the relation or create rifts should be cut off the connection with.

3. Do not publicize your relationships:


Source: Manchester Evening News


During the family feud, Amir and Faryal had been making repeated claims that “till death, do us apart”. One should not make such claims neither should they challenge outsiders to try breaking their relationships. No one knows what happens the next moment. Couples should let relationships remain private. Either it’s love or hatred, it should not be expressed on social media over a certain limit.

4. Don’t be the gold digger:

Source: Manchester Evening News

In series of recent tweets, Amir claimed that Faryal was only after money. To this, the lady replied that she was independent and paid bills of the house. Both of them had been wrong at their places. No one label someone’s continuous support and love as a hunt for gold neither should one consider it a favor if they pay bills of their house. Love should be on priority, not money.

5. Just for the sake of the relationship, don’t hurt someone:

Source: Mirror

Amir and Faryal had repeatedly made claims against parents of Amir for one or more reasons. No matter how wrong the parents were, they should have ignored instead of bashing the ones who raised them and insulting the sisters and brothers. Sometimes, things turn back very soon. Our religion teaches us to be patient with each other especially the elders and has a soft corner for them. It is not possible for a relationship to bloom in peace after insulting parents and sibling and cutting of threads from the loved ones.

6. Respect your partners:

Source: Mirror


Amir had tweeted, “You are getting the divorce” sentence showing how despite being raised in modern society, he is the typical man who threatens his wife every now and then about getting a divorce. In Pakistani society, women melt and beg their husbands to revise the decision as they are not ready to be single again.

However, Faryal fired back even nastier showing the cozy relation was limited to pictures on social media only. It also shows one should never fantasize couples who upload happy pictures.

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