10 Things Only A Pakistani Understands About A Pakistani!

Few things are just Pakistani…

1. For Us Left is Right And Right Is Left…

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2. Rules? What’s That? A Name Of A Bird Or Something?

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3. When Abroad, They Will Always Stay Cool About Mugging

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4. They Will Always Blame ‘Amreeka’ Or ‘Yahudis’ For Everything Negative That Happens!

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5. Us, Pakistanis, We Never Lose Any Cricket Match Because Of Incompetency!

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6. You Tell Them ‘Don’t’ And They Will Always ‘Do’ It

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7. It Causes Them Death To Appreciate Someone!

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8. We Fear Police – For Totally Different Reasons

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9. They Never Miss Out On Muftas

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10. We Will Always Suggest You Home Based Remedies

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