11 Ways How The Pakistan Army Makes Indians Wet Their Pants

Even with 13 million soldiers, double than that of Pakistan, Indian Army can’t stand even a day against Pakistan Army! The level of our spirit and patriotism is incomparable. We are a force to be reckoned with!

1. Matchless Zeal, Valor And Enthusiasm!


2. The most resilience ever!

source: Business Insider

3. The Bravest, Most Patriotic!


4. AWACS Aircraft

Talk about modern technology India currently has only three AWACS while Pakistan has nine of these planes.


5. Nuclear Warheads And Programs

The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world!

nuclear program pakistan

6. Our Spirit Is Legendary


7. Pakistani Soldiers Are Tougher Than The Toughest!


8. When The World Faces Threats, It Looks Up to Pakistan Army!

Pakistan Army has been behind the success of many operations, may it be the Sri Lankan Tamil War, Peace Groups in Africa, Afghan War, or issues resolving related to Saudi Arabia and China.


9. Our Lion-heart Heroes Are Not Afraid Of Death But The Life Hereafter


10. Most Kind-Hearted People

Kind hearted

11. Most Philanthropic And Humanitarian Army In The World!

Social Work

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