15 Pictures That Prove Jugarh Is Just A Pakistani Thing

‘Necessity is the mother of all inventions’, they say it, we live it! When it comes to Jugarh, we have no competition!

1. Things We Do Just To Know If Jaanu Is Doing Okay!

2. Beating The Heat Like A Boss!

3. Stupid Peepulz… Can’t Even Keep Their Hands Free!

4. Because When A Shirt Is Bought, It’s Not Just For A Person, It Is Worn By The Entire Family!

5. Living Without Electricity Is No Big Deal

6. This Gear Stick Is No Ordinary Gear Stick…

7. Never Underestimate The Power of A Ripped Off Jeans!

This is by far the most creative use of a ripped off jeans. For long, people have been reusing it as wax strips, and duster.

8. Because You Wouldn’t Want Me To Lose My Cool!


9. They Took Hair Ironing A Bit Too Literally!

Well, this method is faster and effective.

10. Eco Friendly Water Geyser!

11. Yeah, That’s How We Roll On The Road!

12. Bicycle That Just Hit Puberty!


13. Because We Take Car Security Seriously!

14. So, Who Is Up For A Pool Party?

15. Mother’s Favourite, Jugarhu Biryani

Don’t get deceived by its look, it is made up of the left over Chicken Tikka and Rice! To cover it up she added boiled eggs… shhh!

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