12 Things Most Pakistanis Miss From Their Childhood

Who doesn’t miss the carefree days when the biggest worry was losing a Pokemon card? Here is a small trip down the memory lane…

1. Light Wale Joggers

All mothers have been forced into getting us these. Bubble Gummers to the rescue!


Source: kidssandals

2. Two Times!

Tired of running? 2 times. About to be catched? Two times. Thirsty? Two times. Want to tease the ‘chor’? Two times.


Source: fotothing

3. Free Gift Waale Top Pops!

Kabhi whistle, kabhi 5 rupees! These were our favorite chips because FREE GIFT!


Source: Pininterest

4. Charay Wali Gun

Best way to terrorize someone, hands up!


Source: ebay

5. Mask Wali Bunties!

Ami dekhain meray glasses kaisay hain?


Source: panpages

6. Our very own outdoor games

Pakran Pakrai, Baraf Paani, Pitu, Chupan Chupai, Dark Room, Chor Police, Chocolate Chocolate…you name it!


Source: cesociety

7. Pokemon Cards

This competition would never end, who has the best cards?


Source: pocketmonster


8. Baby baby what color do you choose?

Who would not remember this?!


Source: dltk-kids

9. Rock, Paper, Scissor!

This game was the most creative of all. Stone, knife, eraser, pencil…’anything’ could be part of the deal!


Source: thehunt

10. Ice lolly!

The joy of finding these in the refrigerator was out of this world.


Source: alibaba

11. Akar Bakar Bombay Bo

Cham Cham, Asoo Panjoo and many other hand tricks were our favorite pass time!


Source: blogspot.com

12. Magic Tricks!

No matter how expensive each trick would cost, when we’d want it we’d want it. NOW!


Source: clubs-kids



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