10 Things You Cannot Forget About Your School Life

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Someone said it right, ‘school days are the golden days of our lives’. The one’s who are studying can’t relate to this because all of us who don’t, miss school days badly! Yes, going to school doesn’t mean that you’ll only study over there, you also make a lot of friends at school.

Guys, if you are studying in a school right now then I have to tell you to enjoy every bit of it because this is the most beautiful era of your life and once gone, it won’t come back. And those who are not can relate to the below:

Those who left their school days far behind and are now in their practical lives can relate to all of the things that we miss about school, stated below.

1. Morning Alarm:

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It does not seem pleasant at that time, we all hated to wake up early. Going to bed was also a big task. Packing your bag according to the time table was no less than a war between you and the books.

2. Assembly:

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Yes, this was one of the toughest parts of the day. Remember making excuses every now and then so that you won’t have to attend the assembly? Recitation, speech, exercise, national anthem… all were to be done.

3. Good Morning Teacher:

Source: The Odyssey Online

Hahaha! Remember this song when the teacher entered the room? And the none when she left the class, “ Thankkk youuuu” teacher. These were probably the only things that we did wholeheartedly and with great pride.

4. Break-time:

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Breaks were a kind of independence for us. From running outside the class as soon as the bell rang to standing in long lines to buy lunch from the canteen, everything was exciting about this part of the day at school. Remember eating your friends’ lunch? Anyone?

5. Fixture:

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Yes! No one’s happier than a student who’s teacher is absent! I can’t help but remember how we spent the entire period playing games.

6. Board Tests:

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The horrible truth when you don’t know anything about that creepy question written on the black board and the teacher asks you to go and solve it. Yet, sometimes you did that right and everyone appreciated you.

7. Gossiping:

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That does not mean that we use to talk behind the back. Instead, we use to talk about each other’s crushes, the new favorite bands, actors, actresses, reality shows and what not. All of this seems to be the most awesome pastime.

8. Board Exams:

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And who can forget the board exams? The tension and the excitement that went through us when we appeared for first board exams. Checking whether our roll numbers are in same class or not. Judging the invigilator and thinking how will we communicate during MCQ’s. Trying all fashion trends with the uniform at the exam center that school did not allow, and the outing plan with the friends which was a must after we got done with our board exams. All of it seems magical now.

9. Parties:

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We had Eid Milan parties. Taking food from homes and wearing our Eid clothes. Playing antakshiri and other games. God, I miss all of it!

10. Eating During Class:

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Who can forget eating snacks under the table? As soon as the teacher got busy with her work and you with your own. Eating and sharing were the part.

You must have recalled some of your memories reading this article. Share with your friends if you felt related to any one of them.

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