Zaaviay’s Fashion Pakistan Winter Gala


As the year 2021 comes to its end, fashion lovers are delighted to get a glimpse of the final Pakistan fashion runway show for the winter season. The 13th edition of the Fashion Pakistan winter gala showcased a variety of winter, contemporary modern styles and Pakistani designer dresses that starred on the runway. One particular that stood out was Zaaviay, A luxury fashion’ formal and “Pakistani Bridal Dresses, This year with their FPW collection that fascinated us all.

“New Dawn” 

“New Dawn” their theme tells us a story of a captivating fusion between interstellar-space bodies and the glimmering aesthetics that surround it. The outfits are embellished with planetary, celestial and star motifs. The colour palette ranges from Night blues, galaxy pink and sunny yellow which capture the beauty of cosmic space and the skies. The couture collection also features beautiful designer silhouette’s that added to the charm of the enigmatic concept of space. 


Radiating moonlight this floor-length two-layer gown with overall shimmery sequins and  planetary, celestial and cosmic motifs design that sync perfectly with the “New dawn” theme. A glistening regal outfit that caught everyone’s attention at FPW 21 winter gala.


Aurora displayed sophisticated and classy vibes with its slim silhouette and intricately and heavily embroidered pallu. The saree was also inspired by midnight and perfectly displayed the elegant and mysterious aura through its design.


This navy blue moonlight gown has a bodice with applique work, embellished with stones and an upper silk cape with heavy sequence borders with cutwork embellished dropped shoulders. The back is heavily embellished with galaxy-inspired motifs made of pearls, sequence and cut daana.


Midnight definitely enthralled the audience with its mysterious and enigmatic aura on the runway. Inspired by the dark hues and features of the night sky. Giving the classic outfit a contemporary modern revamp with crystal and sequins embellishment “night sky star effect on the” moonlight lengha and silver with Galaxy swirl embroidered choli with a hood attached. 


Bedazzling the runway with its charming presences. This stunning light mauve and pastel pink colour lehenga choli heavily adored a cluster of shimmering sequins, crystal and silver embroidery thread. The multi-layer lengha features a combination of velvet and raw silk fabric which is embroidered with a captivating fusion of birds and space themed motifs, giving us all gorgeous fairytale vibes. 


Enchanted is a contemporary couture jumpsuit with stylized puffy sleeves made with traditional yari maysuri and raw silk.  The stunning sequins and celeste sequins embellishment represent the pastel hues of the sky just before sunrise. The look was further enhanced by the stunning cape and belt that added a chic  touch to the models outfit.


“Fiery” kaftan captures the flaming vibrant hues of the sun with its vivid red-orange colour with stunning bold embroidery and  3D details along the hem of the design paired with orange gradient drape that enhanced the awe-inspiring elegance of the outfit 


This bewitching burnt orange saree redefines this traditional classic Pakistani outfit. Embellished with 2D, sequins and the pallu featuring a trail of sunrise inspired motifs with hand embroidery. “Flame” by Zaaviay surely blazed the runway with its staggering brilliance.


A vivid yellow gown embellished with 3D flowers, embroidered with birds, clouds and sun motif in pearls textured silk embroidery thread. Early Bird gown really emphasized natures allure with glimmering design 


Sunrise took our breath away with its radiant presence. True to the luminous energy of the sun concept that the gracefully designed sweeping gown portrayed. The vibrant sunshine yellow maysuri fabric was embellished with applique and 3D design, along with heavy organza trail ruffles and cape sleeves that gave the gown a more modern grandiose style paired with a sunrise inspired crown headgear to further enhance the dazzling beauty of the couture outfit.

About Fatima Hasan.

Fatima Hasan, the mind behind Zaaviay. The charming  founder and CEO, having two MBAs from IBA (Institution business Design) and IMD, Switzerland,  is known for her strong passion for fashion and love for Pakistan’s traditional craft. She aims to create affordable women luxury formal pret and bridal couture wear. She envisions Zaaviay to bring alive hethe Pakistani art heritage, culture, craftsmanship as well as contemporary fusion in the mix. Checkout the Zaaviayy profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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