WhatsApp Channels Feature Are Now Available in Pakistan

A few of months ago, WhatsApp added a feature called ‘Whatsapp Channels Feature’ to the platform. Channels are a private method to follow what you’re interested in, and they’re quite similar to Telegram.

As per the announcement made by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, the service is now available worldwide, and that expansion includes Pakistan. Previously, it had been made available in only eight countries.

WhatsApp Channels Feature Are Now Available in Pakistan

Initially, channels were made available in Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, Singapore, and Ukraine; however, the service will soon be made available in an additional 150 countries all over the world.

WhatsApp Channels Feature In Pakistan

WhatsApp Channels Feature Are Now Available in Pakistan

Channels function similarly to Telegram in that they provide a dedicated area in which you may publish updates and other stuff. It is not to be confused with the Broadcast Lists that currently exist in WhatsApp; those have been there for a long time. This function will send individual messages to each person on your list; however, channels will provide you with an area that may be followed openly by millions of users.

Mark Zuckerberg has also started his own channel, which can be seen in the screenshot that is located above, in order to give insights, updates, and news relating to WhatsApp.

Channels may be located on the home screen of the application by selecting the new “Updates” option. Near the bottom of this tab is where you’ll find channels, in addition to status updates. Your subsequent channels will likewise be displayed in this section.

As a result of the staggered release of various features, it is currently not possible to make use of all of them. You could, for instance, find that you are unable to create your very own channel at this time. However, some people in Pakistan are able to do so due to the fact that the app already has a large number of Pakistani channels, such as Geo News and others.

To view channels, check that the version of WhatsApp you’re using is the most recent available.

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