Amir Khan “Blames” Faryal Makhdoom for Partying with an Instagram Star in Dubai

Boxer Amir Khan’s personal life is in shambles. He has been a part of an extremely ugly scandal involving his wife and his family. He may not have faced a bigger embarrassment by a defeat in his boxing career than he did now with his wife. Remember the time when the only news about Amir Khan was his prolific matches and stunning victories in the ring? Neither do I.

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The couple enjoyed a good break off the Internet before hitting the headlines with even more drama lately. After announcing a divorce on Twitter – yes, Twitter! the couple is still lingering around the drama that is making us all cringe. What about Lumaisa, their only daughter? Anyway, seems like the boxer has moved on.

While we were all busy debating the Amir-Faryal drama, the boxer did a rebound with an Instagram star and YouTuber, Gulbahor Becknazar

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Faryal Makhdoom is still in some kind of delusion as you can see her Snapchat stories where she chooses to not deny that her account was hacked and it was all some outer force in the world that did the damage to her life. We all know what’s happening here. Meanwhile, Amir Khan enjoyed some quality time in Dubai with this girl and videos and pictures stormed the Internet.

Hours later, Amir’s hangover finally sailed away. He was back into reality. He was back into the normal life and the normal life demanded an explanation. “What the heck he was doing mannnnnn?” – the million dollar question from yesterday.

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Now, Amir took a chance and took to Snapchat once again to clear the air. He tried to give an explanation to his fans and followers and discussed another drama that shoved him into the headlines.

Amir says, “Faryal drove me” into partying and apologizes to his fans

I just wanna apologize for my behaviour yesterday. I know it’s something you guys don’t want to see and look, my ex-wife, in a way, drove me to do that. Basically, Faryal drove me. I mean look, they have taken my daughter away from me. She’s in New York; I can’t see her. Faryal is fighting with me. She told not to see my daughter again. I mean these things… I don’t wanna live like this man.

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Yesterday, I was so stressed by everything and all the drama and I just wanted to let myself go. I don’t drink alcohol or anything. I was just out with a group of friends to enjoy my night. But look, guys, please don’t use it against me. I did nothing wrong yesterday. I was just so frustrated…

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Damn, he seems to be in some serious state of stress. What do you guys think about it?

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