Gujrat Family With 9 Daughters Makes Two Of Them Turn Into Boys After Sex-Change Surgery

sex change procedure

Changing gender through medical procedures is considered taboo in Pakistan. However, on the appearance of natural signs of the opposite gender, doctors do perform sex-change procedures. Two sisters were turned boys as they went through a sex reassignment procedure at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Islamabad.

The two girls, both sisters, aged 13 and 15, were brought from Gujrat for the surgery some days ago. In addition to this, their family had nine daughters. The sex of two sisters was changed through a successful operation at PIMS Hospital.

Talking to a local media outlet, Professor Dr. Amjad Chaudhry at PIMS, said that two sisters from Gujarat were brought to PIMS due to their unusual physical constitution.

Gujrat Family With Nine Daughters Makes Two Of Turn Into Boys After Sex-Change Surgery
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Moreover, the family has nine daughters, two of whom had an unusual physique. Dr. Amjad said the physical characteristics of the two sisters were unusual. Their tests showed that they were both. He added a medical examination had found that they suffered from atypical genitalia conditions.

It should be noted that in this condition, the genitals are not clear and the boy and girl cannot be determined. More so, this condition is rare in humans. For this reason, they had to undergo sex-reassignment surgery to change their gender and make them males.

sex change procedure
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The professor further shared that the family was given psychological counseling before the operation. Subsequently, it was decided to make turn them into men through an operation with the consent of his parents.

Both sisters went under the knife & are happy now!

After counselling the family, and all the required tests, Bashari underwent the procedure on September 29. A month later, the second sister Wafia went under the knife on October 9. Their genders were changed after the operation.

In addition to this, both of them have been discharged from the hospital today. According to Dr. Chaudhry, the sisters who underwent the surgery and their family are very happy after the operations. He further said the two were in healthy condition and after recovering, they were discharged. 

Here’s how they look now:

Gujrat Family With Nine Daughters Makes Two Of Turn Into Boys After Sex-Change Surgery
Source: Express Urdu

It must be noted that this procedure is not uncommon in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines. However, it is certainly a rare thing for a country like Pakistan.

We have a misconception that humans are born only as either male or female. In reality, there is a third gender too. The third kind is intersex humans have ambiguous sexual organs. The not so privileged people born without a normal set of body parts are called intersex. 

Several cases of similar nature have surfaced in the recent past with the latest being two sisters in Sargodha who underwent a gender change surgery after their parents kept praying for sons. Additionally, the parents of a 3-year-old boy just had his gender-change operation recently.

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