This Guy Shares A Shocking Dining Experience At One Of Karachi’s Restaurants

Pakistanis are such foodies who simply live to eat. We have a vast range of restaurants and roadside vendors offering tantalizing cuisines of local, continental and other foods. Food is what some cities in Pakistan like Karachi and Lahore hold a significant reputation. You head to these cities and always tend to marvel over the delightful food available here.

Eating out or ordering food is a major fashion in Pakistan. People like to go either way they feel most convenient about. A large number of restaurants serve foods of all kinds making our nation a warren of foodies.

Source: ARY ZAUQ

Source: ARY ZAUQ

But when you eat out at a restaurant or decide to order at your place, you want your meal to not fall short of quality standards. You are paying for it and you deserve better and it’s the vendor’s responsibility to make it certain.

Restaurants operating in our country operate under the benchmark of quality standards. They make sure customers are served in accordance with supreme standards of hospitality. But what happens when they fail to live up to the standards and disappoint their customers?

One disgruntled customer managed to share their experience at a restaurant in Karachi. See what they have to say:

“Went to Sobremosa. We asked for the deep dish Chicago style pizza. We were told 45 minutes waiting time. We hoped to be blown away, but the pizza was only melted cheese, the crust was cold and frozen. The manager said that new one will be another 45 minutes or he can heat this one. I assumed this was made fresh, not some frozen pizza reheat. Highly recommend NOT to go to this place. What a waste of time.”

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

This is shocking. Considering the restaurant holds quite a reputation, it’s unbelievable how they could let this happen.

We have been hearing reviews of unhappy customers a lot lately. It’s surely a call up for these restaurants to fix things up but they do not seem to bother.

Customers pay hard earned money in exchange for a basic service. If that basic service is not up to the mark, it is very disappointing on the restaurant’s end. Also, the prices including taxes being charged are skyrocketing, but the same cannot be said about assurance of quality.

If a restaurant cannot make sure they serve food in standard quality, at least communicate their mishappenings to the customers, request them for some time while they prepare the order again. Serving food with muddled presentation or not keeping check of quality just reveals how a restaurant considers customer’s satisfaction.

We intend to create awareness and stress about the need of restaurants taking things seriously. We are also customers and we demand the same level of quality what we anticipate before paying our money.

Considering there are foodies everywhere in our country, restaurants should duly come to the point of maintaining quality standards of their service.

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