This Female Police Officer Who Attacked PTI Worker Tells The Truth Behind Her Actions

When it comes to politics in Pakistan, no explanation in the world is enough to explain how dirty they can get. From corruption in elections to direct attacks on political opponents, the atmosphere during any political event in Pakistan is fierce and belligerent.

In the light of current events, the political arch rivals PML (N) and PTI continue to parade off on the roads of our country in order to put one another down. PTI, a relatively unprejudiced party in contrast to PML (N) has a number of women workers who are fighting to show their stance without any fear.


The video of a female PTI worker attacked by Islamabad police officer live on national television went viral a couple of days ago. After throwing a number of fists on one another, the police officer stepped aside, allowing the PTI female worker to show her anger on national television.

Few days ago, the events that took place in Islamabad were seen all over the social media. From Sheikh Rasheed running from his house-arrest to Imran Khan’s blunt words and threats on national TV, the drama was unreal. What also happened was a physical brawl between a female PTI worker and Islamabad police.

A number of pro and non-PTI supporters spoke against the action carried by a police officer, labeling it as “unethical”. Here’s what happened:

You can see how the female officer held the PTI activist by her collar and kept pushing her away. However, what you don’t see is how the police officer was protecting the journalists who were interviewing the worker. This can be easily seen in the following video:

Conclusively, the PTI worker was attacking the journalists, threatening them with the rock she had in her hand.

As per what we see in this interview, an unbiased person would salute the police officer for doing her duty regardless of what means she used. A biased PTI supporter would ignore how the PTI activist provoked and attacked the journalists, which makes it equally unethical.

Here is another picture showing the attempt made by the PTI activist:

At the end of the day, the officer was attacked and the attempts are clear on her face in the particular video. Such actions between civilians of our country show how everyone is running after their particular goals and have stopped caring for someone else.

The political parties are caught in the pursuit of getting power. From Panama leaks to house-arrests and escapes, the politics in Pakistan is no less than a zoo where monkeys are running after bananas. The activists roaming around on streets’ doing whatsoever they “feel” is correct doesn’t make them any better.




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