This Ad Made 5700 People Cry In Thailand on Its First Screening! – Parhlo

You must have come across numerous emotional and inspirational advertisements but this one supersedes all of them. According to the survey conducted in two of Bangkok’s biggest shopping malls, randomly picked 7000 shoppers were asked to watch the screening of the Pantene Ad before it was launched by Unilever, Thailand. 5700 people out of 7000 got emotional and most of them couldn’t stop crying at the end of the Advertisement video. The impact  of this inspirational Advertisement was enormous. After watching the video, one can’t stop his heart melting out and getting quantum of energy to face every obstacle in life with tenacity and persistence. The Ad is about the Thai girl who loves to learn playing violin but heart melting fact is that she is deaf. A theme based commercial which inspires, desires to be lived for. Simply awesome.

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