10 Signs That a Pakistani Guy Has Just Broken Up!

Pakistani men are the most confused species on this planet. They are never happy with what they have, until they lose it.

Before Breakup Pakistani Men Be Like…


She Warns him….


He Doesn’t Listen…


Sh*t Happens….

After breakup, Pakistani men change drastically! They undergo different phases and emotions, but as they are ‘MEN’, that too Pakistani, they feel shy in showing their true emotions. So how to figure out that they have broken up… Here are some signs:

1. Facebook Activities!

As soon as guys breaks up with their girlfriends, they tend to chalk their wall with ‘Ghamgeen’ (Sad) Posts and subliminal messages. The biggest hint: You will find their sweetheart missing from their friends’ list. There will be no sign of them on any of their posts!



2. There Playlist Will Be Like…

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3. They Will Start Dropping off At Their Friends’ Place At Random Hours!

break up

4. They Will Start Nailing The Devdas Look…



5. Cigarettes Become Their New Best Friend



6.  You Ask About The Breakup and They Will Be Like…



7.  ‘I Missed-out On An Amazing Girl’ Will Be Their Favorite Line!



8. Hitting The Gym!


9.  They Will Start Spending Money On Friends



10.  And After A While… The Search Begins Again…


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