10 Reasons Why Every Third Pakistani Chooses Jazz As Their Preferred Mobile Network!


The rising age of technology has had an impact like no other in Pakistan. With over 100 million smartphones in use, no Pakistani today can be separated from their phone. There might be hundreds of choices for which smartphone to use, but when it comes to Pakistan’s choice of network, there is only one.


Yes, we’re talking about Jazz! With the largest area of coverage, the best reception, and most customers, today Jazz tops the chart for being Pakistan’s number one cellular network. And we will tell you why!

1. Mentioned as Pakistan’s ‘most reliable’ network by PTA QoS.
2. Largest networking service – find Jazz everywhere!
3. Jazz serves as Pakistan’s largest distribution network.
4. Fastest in DATA as stated by OOKLA (4 times) & PTA (2 consecutive years).
5. If you’re a Jazz customer, you know they offer the best customer support.
6. Jazz has Pakistan’s largest mobile wallet base.
7. The highest number of 4G customers in Pakistan.
8. The fastest-growing 4G network of Pakistan.
9. One in every three Pakistanis uses Jazz as their preferred choice!
10. Jazz is also the oldest network of Pakistan – experience = results!

With a 25-year legacy of serving Pakistanis in the best way, Jazz has proven its mettle in the country. With 60 million+ users, 27.1 million data users and 15.5 million 4G users – Jazz, in all its entirety, is the biggest mobile network of Pakistan.

No other mobile network in Pakistan is as reliable, supportive and quick – just as all the facts and figures prove. So, switch to the biggest and the fastest network Jazz and Dunya Ko Bataa Do!

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