Kid Forced To Study During Lockdown Brings Police To His Tuition Center

kid calls police against his teacher

A kid in India takes revenge on his tuition teacher by calling the police. Coronavirus has resulted in a worldwide lockdown. In between this, a video about Indian Punjab is going viral. The video showcases a boy who brought police against his teachers. Amusingly, the kid, in innocent manners persuaded the policemen and brought them to the particular house, which was also his tuition center. The housemates got bamboozled when they saw the police along with the student.

Reportedly, the child went to the police team which was patrolling across the streets. The boy then tells them that his parents have forced him to go to tuition and his teacher was also teaching during the lockdown. Meanwhile, one of the policemen or a random guy started making the video of what happened next.

kid calls police against his teacher

Source: Twitter

Moreover, the video depicts, how the kid brings the police to the house. When the police reached the house, the teacher claimed, “We don’t offer tuition services.”

People on social media reacted to the video in the following manners:

Love that Kid

Yes, indeed one can learn many things from children

Yes, it is hard to imagine

‘common sense seems completely dead’

Well done!

People are envying this kid

At least the kid has a reason

It seems like, parents are not taking care of children during the pandemic of coronavirus. The policeman even asked the tuition teachers, “When schools and colleges are closed, who gave you permission to teach?”

In a nutshell, as per the opinions of people on social media, the kind did the right job. There is a lockdown for a reason everywhere. Hopefully, the tuition teachers in the video and the Indian kid’s parents will now know the significance of the lockdown.


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