Pakistanis School A Twitter User For Comparing Non-Hijabi Women To Peeled ‘Oranges’

women compared to orange

For those who may not be aware, there is a photo that is being circulated on social media of two oranges: a peeled one next to an unpeeled one in a glass of water that is sinking in the water. The photo attempts to correlate hijab-wearing women to the unpeeled, protected, brand new, and untouched piece of orange and women who do not wear the hijab with the peeled and used one.

The analogies used to motivate women for wearing hijab are simply getting out of hand. Earlier, women were reduced to an unwrapped lollipop covered with bugs for a choice that is theirs and no one else’s to make, judge, or critique.

‘Remember without hijab a girl will always sink’

There are so many things wrong with this new reference, where do we even begin. An implication that can be taken from this tasteless photo is that the non-hijabi females invite men by not protecting themselves with a fully covering ‘peel’.

Meanwhile, when an image like this is circulated on the Internet by Muslims, does it also mean that we think the ‘unpeeled’ orange does not attract men?

We need to give our non-hijabi sisters more credit for their character and morals regardless of whether they cover their hair. Modesty goes beyond a piece of cloth on your head. Modesty can be in our manners and in our morals, actions, day to day practices, and how we treat one another. It is between the individual and God. No one else’s concern. Period.

Twittersphere schools the user on drawing a ridiculous analogy

Political activist Jibran Nasir also gave a befitting reply!

Sadly, reducing women to inanimate objects is nothing new with the deep-set patriarchy in Pakistani society. From candies, sealed juice boxes, and iPhone screen protectors to whatnot, the ridiculous analogies are exhausting. Moreover, how can they not notice how flawed these logics actually are? You can find hundreds of similar stories on the Internet that people find appealing and worth sharing.

Meanwhile, the same thing happened previously when a social media user came up with a new analogy. He compared women with tissues. He wrote, ‘Women are like a tissue, if you keep the tissue out of the box, it will get dirty but if you keep it in a box, it will not get dirty. Similarly, women should wear an abaya to keep themselves clean and tidy.’

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