‘Trained’ German Shepherd Dogs Attack & Injure Little Child In Lahore’s Family Park

dog child family park lahore

Pakistan might not be the biggest promoter of family park culture, but still, where there is green, families will go. A lot of people love going to these parks with their friendly and tame beasts, what we call pets.

However, a very disturbing story has emerged from Lahore. As per news received, a little child was mulled and attacked by ‘trained’ German shepherds dogs in a park in Lahore. The little child was a balloon seller, not older than 7-8 years.

A video has been going viral on social media which showcases the incident caught on camera. Two German shepherds can be seen in the video, lashing out and biting the little child who is wearing white clothes.

While the owners of the dogs try to control them, the dogs keep going for more blood. The incident took place in Lahore’s Iqbal Town family park, near Moon Market.

The child, who could barely move, kept crying in pain. Chants of ‘call 15’ which is the police helpline could be heard in the video, as other people present in the park saw the injustice. Later on, it was reported, that the owner of the dogs or the person responsible for them, was arrested.

The child was then taken to a hospital where he was stitched and given anti-rabies injections. Moreover, this incident goes on to prove that the poor can be targeted anywhere, any time, with zero consequences if there is no proof, like the video.

Since then, people have been calling on for accountability against the wealthy. Apart from that, when you have beautiful beasts with an aggressive nature, you should not let them into family parks. That’s the last place they should be in if they are known to not have children compatibility.

This incident is proof that a dog can be man’s best friend, but still not be perfect.


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