Karachi Police Arrest Groom Desperate For Marriage During COVID-19

Love in the times of Corona, good. Marriage in the times of Corona, bad. This is exactly what happened in Karachi on Thursday. Another desperate groom ended up behind bars trying to sneak his way into marriage during the Coronavirus lockdown.

With 7000+ active cases and 128 registered deaths, the COVID-19 Coronavirus has started transmitting locally. These tough times require a lot of precaution and care and the government’s lockdown orders must be adhered to. However, one groom from Karachi was totally averse to the idea.

As per the news, a man from Malir, Karachi, wanted to ‘sneak’ his wedding during the lockdown and hoped to get away with it. Contradicting and breaking the lockdown, the marriage was being held inside the groom’s house. Seats were in place, the stage was set and the guests were seated.

Unlike in the movies, Karachi police were adamant about breaking the stereotype and arriving on time. The SSP Malir himself graced the marriage with his presence, along with his cortege that included a lady police officer.

The video which was sent to Geo TV with courtesy displayed scenes from inside the house. The groom was sat on the stage when the police stormed in and took attendants by surprise. The lady police officer then reached the stage, informing the groom that he would have to come with them. At this, the groom protested and asked the police to turn their cameras off. However, it was the necessity of proof as per the policeman recording the video.

The lady police officer also informed the groom that the SSP was waiting outside and he could not talk his way out of the situation. After the groom’s side argued with the police for a bit, the groom adhered and went with the police to uphold the law.

It is pertinent to add here that throughout the world, there is a congressive ban on marriages and other social celebrations. Many countries have even labeled such social gatherings equivalent to manslaughter. Moreover, it is also the diligence of the public to avoid such harsh measures during these tough times.

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