Indian Twitter Threatened To Attack Pakistan And Here Is How Pakistanis Responded

Just like after every other attack on India, Indian tradition of blaming Pakistan for it continued after Uri attacks. Indians on Twitter openly blamed Pakistan for it and threatened to attack Pakistan. But how Pakistanis responded to it was something worth seeing.

Started off as a poll by this Indian.

Yes Mr. Sanjay Dixit wanted a war. But unexpectedly the results were 54% in the favor of no. So the joke’s on him.

Totally makes sense.

They are sad about their soldiers being killed and then they want another war?

India, the reality is.

That you cannot kill us with your tweets.


True true.

Gautam Gambhir came into action as well.

Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir made a tweet that targeted Pakistan as well. To which the replies were hilarious.

Gambhir, remember Afridi?

Pretty sure this scene still haunts him.

Yes, explain?

Wasim bhai had something to say as well.


No but honestly what exactly is this thing they call their army chief?

Another reason why there should be no war.

The torturous Bollywood movies they make out of it.

An Indian minister tweeted this.

And this is what he gets in reply.

Life is hard when you are bald and say stuff like this. That too to Pakistanis.

Actually the thing is.

Indian logic.

Yes this is the Indian logic. This is a beautiful logic.

Well if you threaten to attack Pakistan we are not just going to sit and watch.

An Indian account tweets this and gets the right response.

You ask us to cross India? Here you go.

Basically our humor is enough to take India on. No need for the army.





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