Everyone Can Fall In Love, Here Is How One Can Fall Out Of Love

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We all fall for people we should not fall for. We get extremely infatuated with them, obsessing over them, wasting our time and losing our dignity. There are some techniques that can help you get over it. If we are obsessing over someone who does not care, it means we have a vacuum within us. We feel empty and inferior. Try to fill the vacuum with good qualities and habits. Try to adapt their qualities and you will feel more fulfilled.

1. Re-Create Them:

Source: Giphy

Do you fall for someone who is very well dressed, well accomplished, well built? Then you keep on telling yourself how awesome they are? Reverse everything. What if they are as lame as you are, laying on some ”rangeeli charpai”, asking their mother for bigger ”boti ”.

2. Their Twin, Better Twin Make A Sketch On Paper:

Source: PopKey

Take all qualities from them and put into a sketch. Imagine someone else got all of them too, may be better. How do you feel about that person? Butterflies ?

3. Heap Of Meat:

Source: PopKey

They are a just heap of meat under that skin, some blood, some bones nothing more than that.

4. Remind Yourself:

Source: Tumblr

Think of all other good things that happen but not related to them. Like food, success, money, degree. Before them Think how good your life was before them, how peaceful ….so it will be the same after and that too without them.

5. Younger:

Source: The Muse

Self Invite your ten years younger self and ask them what is important for them at that point of life. See how little things were so important at that time but have no worth. Your crush will be worthless for you soon too. Its just a matter of time.

6. Gross:

Source: Whiskey Riff

Imagine them puking, or picking lint from their belly button or anything gross. Think all gross things, grossness will save you and get you out of this trap.

7. Gadhy Ka Gosht To Rescue:

Source: Tumblr

Imagine them with food in their teeth and not any other food but ”gadhy ka gosht ”

8. Enemies:

Source: Goodreads

Imagine your worst enemy is actually wearing some costume and deep down they are actually your crush. Now try to love them

9. Gender:

Source: Giphy

Change their gender. Think he is actually a girl who is just hiding her gender.Vice Versa with men and if you are gay then more vice versa.

10. Relate:

Source: Imgur

Relate something gruesome incident to them. Did you ever fall on some crap on road? Did you eat something you should not eat in past? Relate those incidents to them, whenever you see them those gruesome things will come to your mind and you will run away.

11. Tell Yourself A Lie:

Source: Tenor

Tell yourself there is some other extremely gorgeous man/woman waiting for you on the other end of the world. Who knew it turns out true? you will defiantly meet someone who will love you as much

12. Lizard:

Source: Tenor

Photoshop an image of lizard or rat, put your crush face on their body. Then put it as desktop background. When you want to look at them, look at your desktop. You will end up looking at those creepy eyes. You will feel that lizard is staring back at you.

13. Train Your Brain:

Source: Tenor

Your brain will go through ultimate torture and will stop excreting oxytocin ”the love hormone”. Rather your Neurons will puke when they come across your crush.

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