Here’s How Jaun Elia and Rais Amrohvi Changed The Way I Used To See The World

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I grew up watching my dad reading Jaun Elia and Rais Amrohvi because of which I started reading their work at a very young age which ultimately changed my views about life. I cannot thank them enough for what their poetry taught me about the realities of life.

I believe we share a different kind of bond with poets, which is very precious as we read their poetry, we relate to them and it helps us in facing hurdles of life. I call it “poetry therapy” and for me, it is better than any other therapy of this world.

Source: Dunya News

The two greatest poets of Urdu language are buried at Sakhi Hassan graveyard in Karachi along with their other family members as I went there to recite Fatiha for them my tears welled up remembering what Rais Amrohvi said explains his struggle,

Suna Har Baar Mera Kalma-e-Sidq

Magar Har Baar Jhutlaya Gaya Hoon

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He broke the stereotypes and was never biased no matter how hard the authorities in power tried to stop him from expressing his genuine views to public. I have read his psychoanalysis work as well and I must say he was a gem and he did research on a totally different level. They weren’t scared of societal norms if we read up on their lives . They live fearlessly in society, telling everyone exactly what needs to be fixed.

May Allah grant Rais Amrohvi and Jaun Elia highest ranks in Jannah for their efforts to educate and aware public in best possible manner.

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