The Man Who Lives In Us – Remembering Jaun Elia On His 14th Death Anniversary

Jaun Elia was born in a small city of Amroha in India, Jaun was the youngest of his siblings. He found his love for Urdu, words, poetry and literature from his elder brother Rais Amrohvi who himself was widely known for his Urdu prose and poetry but before that, it was his father who fuelled his love for Urdu literature, art, and writing in young college-going Jaun.

Jaun Elia's Death Anniversary -


Migrated in 1957, Jaun was not happy for Pakistan to get independent and always felt that Pakistan’s independence was the wrong decision. However, a Communist by his ideology, he moved with his family to a newly formed homeland, where all he received was love, recognition, credibility, respect and integrity for his undying skill in Urdu poetry that reflected and showcased the bitter truth about society.

Jaun Elia's Death Anniversary -

He was brave with his choice of words. His poetry is defined as bitter, straightforward, prudent and what he tried showing people through his work was the bitter and harsh realities of the society that he was breathing in. His work mirrored his frustration, agitation and displeasure towards his personal life, state that he was living in and the conservative society that was too shallow for his understanding.

However, he enjoyed incredible success and fame for his Urdu poetry and work that is still admired by millions of his admirers around the world.

It can be concluded that Jaun lived a very ‘unhappy’ life – and there were various reasons for that. He never got the woman he loved, he never got people sharing similar thoughts and ideology and all that reflected in his poetry.


Since today, the world of Urdu literature is marking his 14th death anniversary, here are some of Jaun Elia’s quotes that guarantee how deep and critical he was when it came to society, religion, people and love:


  • Namaaz parhne walay ka maslaq hi nahi, har masjid ka bhi apna maslaq hota hai. Masjid ya to sunni hoti hai ya shia, barelvi ya deobandi. Maine aaj tak koi musalmaan masjid nahi dekhi.


  • Hum aik hazaar baras se tareekh ke dastarkhuaan per haramkhori ke siwaa kuch nahi karrahe.


  • Jo yahaan se kaheen na jaata tha, woh yahaan se chala gaya hai kaheen.


  • Maine logon se mutassir hona chhordia kyunke log woh nahi hotay jo nazar aate hain.


  • Agar main apne jhoot ke saath khush hoon tou phir tum mere ooper apna sach musallat karne waale kon hotay ho.


  • Ghair ke dil main gar utarna tha, mere dil se utar gaye hotay.
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