From 2024 Hajj Expenses Will Be Collected In US Dollars

Hajj expenses in dollars

A new plan has been drafted regarding Hajj for the next year. Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Talha Mehmood on Sunday announced that for all the pilgrims who will attend Hajj, their expenses will be collected in Dollars.

From 2024, Hajj expenses in dollars instead of Pakistani rupees as up till now all the Pakistanis have been paying in PKR and this dollar shift might be difficult for most nationalities.

From 2024 Hajj Expenses Will Be Collected In US Dollars
Source: Geo TV

Furthermore, addressing a post-Hajj press conference, Mahmood congratulated the 160,000 Pakistani pilgrims on performing Hajj.

Hajj Expenses In Dollars From 2024

Speaking at a post-Hajj presser upon his return from Saudi Arabia after performing the pilgrimage, he said that “next year, the Hajj would be in US dollars, as the pilgrims would have to pay their expenses in the foreign currency instead of Pakistani rupee.”

He also said that “he has managed to increase next year – 2024 – Hajj quota to 179,210, adding this year 160,000 Pakistanis performed Hajj.”

From 2024 Hajj Expenses Will Be Collected In US Dollars
Source: Business Recorder

He also highlighted the scenario in which he was offered to perform Hajj as a royal guest but decided to go with the traditional sacred ritual as an ordinary man like others.

Interestingly fact, there are 15 places where dua is accepted during Umrah or Hajj.

Chose Traditional Ritual Rather Than Royal

Talha Mehmood stated, “I preferred to perform Hajj as an ordinary man despite being offered to perform Hajj as a royal guest. I also went through the issues like all other pilgrims had to go through,” he added.

He said that he drew the attention of Saudi authorities towards the issues being faced by the Pakistani pilgrims, adding there would be no issue next year during Hajj as he was assured by the Saudi authorities.

Is President Alvi performing Hajj at govt's expense?

He even refused to comment on the people who accompanied President Arif Alvi, saying he had no clue about the number of people who traveled with the President.

“As long as I’m the minister, I will not allow anyone to perform ‘free’ Hajj. I paid all my expenses from my pocket during the Hajj and no one was sent to do free Hajj,” he added.

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