Google Can Write Email For You Now With “Help Me Write” A. I Feature

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Gmail A.I email writing feature rolling out and it’s attention-grabbing for several business outlets out there.

Writing a corporate email isn’t a piece of cake for everyone, but to make people’s life much easier Google has introduced a.i email writing feature in Gmail.

Google Can Write Email Now With  "Help Me Write" A. I Feature
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This feature would allow users to generate impressive emails. During the Google I/O event in May, a new feature from Gmail called Help Me Write can draft those boring emails for you.

It was announced last month, but it’s officially rolling out on both Android and iOS. AI influence in the writing world is spreading like a pandemic, first Chat GPT and then this.

Gmail A.I Email Writing Tool Launched

The new Google service can easily compose an impressive and eye-catching concise email for you. With over 1.8 billion active users of Gmail at the last count, “Help Me Write” is supposed to create a major impact on the way that currently the world communicates through emails.

Google Can Write Email Now With  "Help Me Write" A. I Feature
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During the conference of Google I/O, Sundar Pichai Google explained that users can simply type in the prompt of what they want, for example – an email that asks for a full refund. “Hit on create, and a full draft will appear in front of you.”

For those who don’t know, Google has already involved in the world of AI back in 2017-18 when they introduced “Smart Compose” and “Smart Reply”.

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Smart Reply offers just a basic automated message and Smart Compose offers suggestions as you type. But Help Me Write is way beyond our expectations, creating a full email from a basic prompt. A “refine” button can shorten the text, elaborate or make the email more formal.

Just like Google, every other major tech giant avails a.i opportunities. Adobe also launched an AI feature in Photoshop and it’s exclusive.

How to generate email automatically in Gmail?

Now how it works? For those who don’t know about this feature yet, just follow these steps to draft a perfect email:

Everything you need to know about the new “Help me write” AI feature in  Google Docs
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  1. Once the feature is available, log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the compose button to create a new email.
  3. Start typing your email message.
  4. Look for a small pencil icon with a sparkle next to the send button as you type.
  5. Click on the pencil icon to open the “Help Me Write” menu.
  6. The menu provides different options such as suggesting words and phrases, completing sentences, generating email templates, and checking grammar and spelling.
  7. Select the option you want to use and let the AI help you with your email.
  8. Once you finish writing your email, click on the send button to send it.

Google even launched Bard as the Chat GPT rival, but couldn’t come closer to the GPT4. According to the survey by Fishbowl, 43% of professionals were using ChatGPT or other AI tools as of January, often without telling their bosses,

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