Girls Drool Over This Ranveer Singh Look-Alike Pakistani Hero! Check Out His Killer Dance Moves

A newcomer in the Pakistan media industry, Hammad Shoaib, a resident of Faisalabad, is creating a lot of buzz on the internet for his striking resemblance to the Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh. His dance video has gotten our jaws dropped over his killer moves.

The hunk began his acting debut with a small role in Hum TV’s drama serial Adhi Gawahi. He has also appeared in shows like Dewar-e-Shab and Soteli Maamta. Turns out, the actor has gained a lot of followers in a very short span of time. Mainly due to his looks that are similar to that of Bollywood’s Ranveer Singh.

Shoaib received national recognition after he was found to be resembling an Indian actor. Since then, he has signed many commercials and his drama career got a major boost. Moreover, ever since the young star entered the showbiz, the fans have been swooning over his piercing eyes and rough and tough look.

Besides acting, he has also got some amazing dancing skills. Shoaib not sports the same hairstyle and beard as Ranveer Singh but also has quite the similar dance moves.

Recently, he posted a video of himself dancing to the beats of a Bollywood song, Ghungroo Toot Gaye. And WOW! Not only do his moves sync perfectly with the beats but he lip-syncs the lyrics of the track with utmost ease as well.

Here’s the video of him dancing. Enjoy!

Ever since it surfaced on the photo and video sharing platform, his video has been receiving a whole lot of appreciation. And rightfully so, we say!

So what do you say? Is this handsome going to be the new crush for Pakistani girls? Well, girls just love having an eye-candy to feast upon, so why not.

Girls in Pakistan & across the border are also drooling over him!

And, here comes the ‘are you single’ question!

Men equally loved his performance!

Some even compared his dance moves with Hrithik Roshan’s.

How lovely! Well, for sure the actor must be enjoying all the attention. His newfound fanbase may have to wait to see him on the big screen though.

The 27-year-old businessman-turned-‘celebrity’ has been approached by producers and directors. However, his followers may have to wait for some time to see him on the silver screen as he is yet to sign any movies.

So after the former crush of all Pakistani girls, aka Mustafa Amer, a Turkish actor, and the handsome Karachi traffic warden looks like Hammad Shoaib is the next in line.

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