GIK Graduates Develop Website To Ease Shopping During Lockdown

online shopping in lockdown

These days, the coronavirus outbreak terminates nearly all the daily life activities. It has limited all traditional and online businesses and shopping as well. Developing countries like Pakistan is also a victim suffering from this crisis due to the oppressive lockdown enforced by the government.

Because of this virus COVID-19, people in Pakistan are suffering a lot as almost all the necessary items are out of their reach due to the complete lockdown.

In this type of pandemic, online shopping is one of the best options for everyone who is advised to practice social distancing. However, due to some reasons, unfortunately, people are still facing challenges in online shopping.

Tough times, tough measures

One of the biggest challenges is that most of the renowned online shopping stores are closed. Some of the stores are taking advantage of this pandemic by overpricing their stuff. People are confused about what to buy and from where.

To tackle with this major suffering, Graduates from GIK Institute, Muhammad Bilal Jamil and Syed Ali Abbas Haider have come up with a better solution. They have made the first-ever website in Pakistan [] which will track your required product across all online stores in Pakistan. People who are confused in this situation of crisis can resolve their issue of online shopping and reach their desire product in no time.

online shopping during lockdown

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Founders of theWebsite,, claims that they have used complex machine learning algos and advance data mining technique to track your millions of products live. People will get everything at the same place.

Not just tracking, this website is also capable of classifying all those online stores which are still open for online shopping in this critical pandemic situation. This feature will help everyone willing to shop online from this site to locate the nearest online store. It will be more comfortable and convenient for them to receive the product as soon as possible.

How live tracking practically works?

Whenever a user opens the search bar of this website and search for his/her desire item on this website, a complicated search algo sets up an operation for fetching product live from almost all the online shopping stores in Pakistan. It will help to classify all the online shopping stores which are offering delivery services and also which are not during the lockdown. Also, shows the exact location of that store so that everyone can go for the quickest delivery option and guess what? The whole procedure in just a SECOND!

As from the current stats of this website, it has 210 online stores having almost 3.2 million products, and all the queries of the customers are updated live with their relevant results. It is always ready to help its users with fresh content. This not only helps its users to save time. Also helps in locating their desired result but also update them with the advance information about the shipment. It is very helpful and lifesaving in this pandemic situation of COVID-19 outbreak.

The website also has a price comparison feature. This helps to locate not only the nearest stores but also the cheapest product. This feature works as a shield for tempting its users into wrong information, shady deals, and overpricing.

Aside, being socially responsible, Shoppingum is also synced with the Govt of Pakistan official website. This, for Coronavirus updates. The website displays updated number of cases on every page.

So, in this situation of crisis and lockdown, if you are thinking of online shopping, no need to worry; try Shoppingum for once.

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