COVID-19: Punjab Govt Announces Rs 10 Lac Relief Fund For Journalists

Punjab Government Relief Fund Journalists

In a recent development regarding the fatal coronavirus, the Punjab government has announced a relief package for the journalists. The decision was taken after analyzing the risk journalists are taking these days in daily coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

The package was revealed by Punjab’s Information Minister Fayyaz Ul Hassan Chohan on Friday to show support for the media persons. Apart from the Rs. 1 million relief fund, the provincial ministry will also provide Rs.10,000 monthly as lifetime pension to the families of those journalists who die an unfortunate death due to the virus.

Fayyaz Ul Hassan Chohan supports journalists

Speaking on the efforts of the journalists, Chohan also announced Rs.1,00,000 for those who have or will contract coronavirus while reporting. Moreover, the Punjab information ministry will be providing protective gear and face masks to the news outlets. The distribution will be done in order to protect the media employees from the deadly coronavirus.

Punjab Government Relief Fund Journalists

”The protective gear will be handed to the union president tomorrow”, Fayyaz Ul Hassan Chohan stated. In order to support and provide relief to the media houses during this pandemic, tax exemptions will also be given. Moreover, the Punjab government has decided to clear pending dues of the media outlets along with providing tax exemptions for their sustainability.

Exemption of taxes for media houses

In this vicious time, Chohan is hoping that the decisions taken will result in the right treatment of journalists. He said, ”Hope that the impact of the tax exemption and payment of dues would also reach media workers.” As of today, with more than 50 new coronavirus cases reported in Punjab, the total tally in Pakistan has surpassed 4,000 and it is alarming.

Punjab Government Relief Fund Journalists

Al Jazeera

Apart from all the chaos, the coronavirus is causing, it has definitely brought out the best in Pakistanis. Apparently, the complete shut down of businesses has deprived the poor of attaining basic necessities of life.

Not only this but to support the great cause in such desperate times, Pakistan’s non-Muslim community has also joined in. Indeed, it is quite relieving to see such examples of humanity without any discrimination. Hopefully, together we will take control of the pandemic and will end it soon. Till then, please adhere to the precautionary measures and wear a face mask at all times.

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