65-Year-Old Czech Woman Lands In Pakistan To Marry Her 23-Year-Old Love

Czech Woman Pakistan marry love

From getting to see bizarre news and heartbreaks every other day, it is indeed refreshing to come across stories of how true love can break all odds! A 65-year-old Czech Republican woman has arrived in Gujranwala, Pakistan, to marry the man she is deeply in love with. Surprisingly, the man is only 23-year-old, and both met online.

After becoming friends on social media, a foreign woman arrived in Gujranwala to marry a Pakistani lad. Both have gotten married and now intend to go to the Czech Republic.

Talking to the Daily Pakistan host, the 23-year-old Abdullah revealed that he was over the moon to find out about his Czech lover’s celibacy.

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It is sweet to see how true love blooms with the passage of time. Entranced and completely in love with this man, the elderly Czech woman reached the Verpal Chatha area of ​​Gujranwala in Pakistan to marry her love who she met online.

The groom Abdullah is a house painter while the 65-year-old is a teacher. However, she quit teaching a few years back after a car accident that damaged her backbone.

When asked how he feels about marrying an older woman, the groom said that there was nothing more divine than that. In addition to this, he said that he too was a celibate, and had never been married before. He now expects to have a lot of children.

Talking to Daily Pakistan, the bride said she liked Pakistan. However, she expressed that she would like to return to her own country, and live with her husband there.

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Upon being asked how she feels about marrying a man with such a big difference in age, she shared that he was too stubborn.

Apparently, the 65-year-old tried to refuse his proposals. However, his stubbornness forced her. In addition to this, the bride also said that her love for him could not let the age gap come between their love.

Here is the complete interview. Enjoy watching!

It is pertinent to mention that this is not the first time a rather unique age gap and marriage is taking place in Pakistan. In fact, a little while back an Indonesian woman left Pakistan after she married a Pakistani man.

Last year in October, a 55-year-old American woman reached Pakistan to marry the man she was deeply in love with. Both had met through Facebook. Moreover, the man was only 27-year-old and lived in Tandiannwala.

All in all, we wish Abdullah the very best of luck in his new marital life. It is inspiring to see how truly there are no boundaries when it comes to love!

Story Courtesy: Daily Pakistan

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