The Falcon And The Winter Soldier-“Captain America With Blood Stain”

Has it happened? The Captain America arrived, is he the new one or the same old beloved Steve Rogers? The Falcon and the Winter Soldier another spin-off by the Marvel Cinematic Universe which might be grabbing the major attention of the marvel fans out there.

Episode 3 & 4 Holds Everything:


Falcon and the Winter Soldier started with a low pace and unattractive show. People felt, it won’t be able to cope up with the WandVision, which nearly uplifted the expectations of the marvel fans out there and that’s when the moment the show passed a few episodes’ things got changed.

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Before the main thing happened, Baron Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) one of the most dangerous minds who revisited the show in such a way different way that still the internet filled with memes of it. In Captain America: Civil War, Baron Zemo created winter soldiers and made him kill you know whose parents (no spoiling it).

His return raised so many questions and assumptions. Sudden team up with the Falcon and Bucky, that’s just the beginning of the whole new thing and his dance video.

Malcolm Spellman, the creator told the media regarding Zemo’s vision The Zemo character is going to lend a lot of voice to [the idea of the Avengers as overreaching law enforcement.] You can see what he thinks of it,”

“All of us are channeled through him a little bit in that Zemo sees all of them as supremacists, and he thinks that people who are endowed with extraordinary abilities — like law enforcement or in this case, heroes are inherently going to abuse their power, and he has a damn good reason to think that. They destroyed his country by using his city like a bomb and killed his entire family along with everyone he knew.”

The World is Watching:

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The fourth episode, that took the spotlight and let the viewers go mad on social media about it. Wyatt Russel, who played Captain America and took the responsibility to defend his citizens with the Cap’s shield. But John Walker (the character’s name in the show) damaged the whole of Captain America’s identity or signature.

The fourth chapter of the Falcon and the Winter soldier ending scene stole the show with a hell of amount of surprise, which let the fans take out their frustration on Twitter. John Walker Aka Captain America standing tall on an innocent man, whom he murdered and there’s the bloodstain on the shield.

Captain America murdered the defenseless civilian in front of the crowd and It divided the whole character into two pieces, the one everyone knew supposed to protect his people, but the new one doesn’t know about the word care.

That last scene surely captures the whole momentum, emotions, but also began a huge debate on social media.

John talking to Yahoo regarding memes and reaction:

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Wyatt Russel talked to Yahoo regarding the fan’s reaction related to his character, “I don’t like telling people how to feel because it’s like explaining your art. It sounds cheesy, but it is. You go out and you do it, and however, you feel is how you’re supposed to feel. I am not here to say, ‘You should like him!’”

On the bright side, where people raging on Twitter some of the few people also appreciating John Walker’s anger and new captain America Avatar.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier surprised his fans out there with the major returns and especially with the fourth episode. Two more final chapters to go, such ending left with numerous questions and it feels like more excitement with surprise to come.

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