Being A Girl

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My eyes still tightly shut

My lips forcefully sealed

My ears covered with hands

All the secrets concealed

All the atrocities hidden

Raising my voice, forbidden

Am innocuous to Him,victim in His eye

Am a culprit to you,Why?oh!why?



Is it because he made me a girl

I was to be respected and not knurl

He made me a daughter so You could have mothers

I wish you had shown same respect to others

It’s not my fault

That am an open vault

It’s not my fault

That my way’s halt

He made me a girl,

He wanted to

Who was made my protector?

Oh,wait . That’s you

You catcalled me,

It scared me to hell

Where’s your sister

I wanna wish her well



Where is your mother

I want her to tell

That Are you something of Proud to her

Or something she’d cage in a shell

Where’s your father

I wanna know

Where was he when

You were being a clamorous crow

Where’s your brother

He,too, must see

That his brother’s not an angel

But a demon ;from whom he must flee

I wanna cry out loud

For what you did to me

I wanna shout all this out

And find myself glee

But am labelled,Called names

Isolated to disdain

Am made a taboo

Who’s the culprit? it’s you.



Am still not losing hope

Still not desolate

I will get my justice

Even if I have to wait

it’s not you or the world

That I look up to

It’s your Lord, My God

That’ll show the real you

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