[POEM] “The Great Philanthropist – Abdul Sattar Edhi”

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An angelic soul
A pious personality
An inspirational human being
A man with a heart of gold

Who devoted his whole life for a great cause
Who believed in only one religion above all; Humanity


Source: dailypegham.com

The one who selflessly worked with determination, for giving shelter to millions of deprived lives
Wiping tears of those who deserved sympathy
Soothing burning lives with his good deeds
Without any discrimination of cast, color or creed
All his life he never stepped back from standing firm, for embracing all those in need

From a small dispensary to the worldwide recognized human welfare foundation
He dedicated his journey of life for a significant mission, which saved countless precious lives
He is the one who truly gave meaning to what a living inspiration could be
His acts, his words, the aims he had for comforting the devastated
Every part of his life history was sincerely devoted for helping the wretched beings


Source: twitter.com

A man who lived with a vision to serve humanity
Who reminded us that love and care are the two beautiful emotions, with which we really have the power to make the world a better place
Who proved that a sincere effort made with determination to continue, would always find it’s way to glory
Who showed the world, that just one man taking initiative for a good cause can change what needs our attention

A man who is no more among us today
But he has left behind such a legacy, that we’ll never forget who he was and what he gave us

The great philanthropist
An inspirational humanitarian
A legend; Abdul Sattar Edhi

A true Hero, who will be remembered for centuries!


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