Animal Abuse Is On A Rise – Where Humanity Is Heading?

Animal Abuse

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This story has been submitted by Ayesha Mehmood.

We often find compassion and kindness to be limitless and immeasurable attributes. However, the atrocities committed in Pakistan against living creatures would make one rethink humanity’s so-called “infinite kindness”.

Did it even ever exist in a country where dogs are killed, donkeys are left on roadsides to die, and cats are raped or thrown out when they get old.

The horrifying news one hears about animal abuse in Pakistan should make any human shudder with horror and shame.

Animal abuse in Pakistan

When I hear such stories I am left perplexed by the magnitude of the callousness of people who commit such horrendous acts; and those who easily turn a blind eye.

The number of animal abuse cases in this country should be an alarming situation for us.

stop animal abuse
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A complete and absolute hell is descending on animals in Pakistan. Very few people are actually fighting to help these vulnerable, innocent living beings.

Why is it so difficult to relate to the pain of a mother dog whose puppies were killed before her? Is that where compassion ends? Why is it so difficult to feel for a cat who was crushed by a raging car?

One look at the ACF page on Instagram or Facebook further solidifies the urgency of this matter.

Every day, the organization shares harrowing cases with the public. From dogs being poisoned to donkeys being overworked to the point of death.

Kittens being thrown in a pile of garbage and puppies being suffocated. The organization even reports cases of animal abuse in zoos. Recently two lions from the Islamabad zoo passed away due to mishandling.

The several cases reported by ACF provide an image of war. War humans have waged against animals. We have recently started giving animal abuse cases some importance. However, these disgusting acts have been ongoing since ages.

We need groups like ACF

However, all hope is not lost yet. Organizations like ACF are doing tremendous, groundbreaking work.

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They not only rescue animals but educate people on how to respect animals. Humanity has a tendency to believe that human consciousness equals sole right to inherit this world.

This line of thinking is wrong. It is exactly these wrong assumptions ACF challenges by educating people to give animals their space. They educate people about not to harm them and to treat them with kindness.

Though it feels quite absurd that people need to be educated on this matter. However, it should be an understood concept. It has become an important step in steering Pakistan on the right path.

And if you ever find yourself thinking why we should care about animals, make sure you re-evaluate how far your compassion really goes. If your compassion works on compartmentalization, then it’s not compassion, it’s narcissism.

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